characters : julian
Name Analysis
Julian is a unisex name of Latin origin that means downy-haired and youthful and is derived from the Roman name Julianus which was taken from Julius, the name of the last pagan Roman emperor as well as several early saints. Those with the name of Julian create the desire to be both logical and technical, but are limited in versatility and scope, tuning them to technical details exclusively. Julians are patient, meticulous persons who enjoy working in a very detailed systematic way in such fields as science, mathematics, computers, engineering or mechanics. They do their best work when there is no disruption, as they do not easily adjust to interference and changes once they start a project; they also like to work step by step at their own speed. The infinite patience of the name Julian would allow them to develop intricate, involved skills to perfection however, it is not easy for other to work and live with them as they deliberate so long in arriving at conclusions and allow small details to restrict their point of view.
Julian has luminous blue eyes, the colour of blue that you see at dawn, framed by heavy black lashes. He has true white blond hair, the colour of frost or mist tendrils, cropped close at the sides, longer in back and long over his forehead. His hair shines like moonlight and is as silver as a mirror. His eyes are liquid sapphires, wild and exotic. His body is lithe and smoothly muscled, clothing clings to him hip and thigh.

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