The Hunter: Chapter Two

Characters Introduced : Boy from the "More Games" store, Cosette, Dee Eliade, Audrey Meyers

Jenny is inside the More Games store browsing through the many games on the shelves, when a boy interrupts her thoughts. This boy has exotic features that leave Jenny forgetting about her boyfriend, Tom for a few minutes. Jenny tells him what she is looking for and he offers her a game in a blank white box. Jenny pays him for the game after having to prove that she deserved the right to purchase the game and hears a clock chiming 7:30. Jenny is running late and leaves the store but not before seeing a look of hunger in the boy's eyes. Once outside Jenny notices that her two stalkers are just across the street, waiting for her to come out of the store. Full of fear Jenny decides to throw the box at them, but they are scared by something and run in the opposite direction. Jenny makes her way home to find her two best friends, Dee and Audrey in the kitchen. Audrey navigates through the kitchen making springs rolls, stir-fried pork and fried rice for Tom's party.