The Hunter: Chapter Three

Characters Introduced : Zachary Taylor, Michael Cohen, Summer Parker-Pearson, Tom Locke, Mrs. Thornton, Mr. Thornton

Jenny, Audrey and Dee get ready for the rest of the group to arrive for the party. Jenny tries to get some alone time with the white box to inspect it before any arrives, but her friends keep arriving at the door for the party. First while Jenny is changing her clothes Michael and Zach arrive, followed by Summer and lastly the man of the hour, Tom arrives to his party. By this time Jenny is holding onto the box for dear life, but Tom effortlessly pulls it away from her while she says good bye to her parents as they are going away for the weekend. Tom opens the box and finds that it is a paper house model. All of Jenny's friends get interested in the game and they start to put it together and decorate. After they are finished the model the rules state that they each must draw their worst nightmare on a piece of paper to later find in one of the paper house's rooms. After that is done they begin to colour the tag board "dolls" of themselves and then they cut-out the dolls of the Shadow Man, and his minions, the Creeper and the Lurker. When Jenny sees the Shadow Man cut-out though she is shocked to see that it is the boy from the game store.