the forbidden game

The Forbidden Game Trilogy was written in 1994, and consists of The Hunter, The Chase and The Kill. The story is about 16-year-old Jenny Thornton and her friends, Audrey Meyers, Dee Eliade, Michael Cohen, Zachary Taylor, Summer Parker-Pearson and Tom Locke. The story begins with Jenny and her friends at her boyfriend, Tomís birthday party at Jennyís house playing a game in a blank white box. Soon after beginning the game the group finds themselves transported to the Shadow World where the Shadowmen exist.

The plot of the trilogy is as such: Story of the eternal struggle between good and evil, evil bring drawn to goodís light. Julian has watched Jenny since she was six years old, since the day she lost her grandfather to Julian's elders. He is the youngest of his race, he is a Shadowman... the Sandman, only he brings you nightmares, heíll bring to life your darkest fantasies and make you confess your most secret fears.

The Hunter pg32 Collector's Edition

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